Moira Muse by Jules  – A Bold, Feminine Fashion label designed for all to be their own muse.
Show the world who you are! Moira Muse, a feminine fashion label designed and created for anybody and everybody.
With a focus on femininity, Moira Muse has been designed for every woman to become her own muse. The vibrant fabrics will fall so beautifully on all bodies and accentuate your figure in all the right places. Our outfits feature flattering cuts, offering just the right amount of flair to help you be bold, bright and feminine.
The CEO of FIGUR – an all-inclusive shape wear line for women, has now stepped into the fashion clothing industry.
Jules is no stranger to finding herself upset after trying on clothing that just didn’t fit, so Moira Muse was created to make woman feel amazing and empowered.
The brand is all about bold, beautiful colours, feminine florals,  designed to accentuate your womanly shape and amplify elegance and style.
Bringing stylish fashion to all sizes, for all women, to feel amazing on the inside and out!
Look fabulous while also feeling fabulous!