Our ethos has always been straightforward – to inspire women to be their own muse. Moira Muse, as a brand, aims to comfort you and lets you be uniquely you. While designing what you love, we understand it’s equally important to address the social responsibilities and ethical values that underpin what we do for the better of our gal pals.
We’ve always tried to reduce our environmental impact by designing clothes using more sustainable fabrics, using recycled materials wherever possible, and reducing the waste created during the process. We have and will always try to work towards doing better for the planet, along with its people.
Shop with us without worrying about the environment, because we take care of that for you!
We use 100% compostable and eco-friendly garment bags to protect your garment, as well as sustainable shipment mailers from Hero Packaging. These are partially made from plants and biodegrade naturally without leaving any toxic residues. So, the good news is that you can easily compost this packaging at home.
Our shipment box packaging is made from recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable. The cardboard is sourced from sustainable sources, is environmentally-friendly and is exceptionally sturdy.
We have designed this box with our Muse in mind, for you to reuse again and again. Additionally, after you receive your product, recycle the boxes and they’ll be turned into the best out of waste instead of being tossed in the landfill.
We, at Moira Muse, are very determined and committed to sustainability. We take the well-being of the earth as seriously as we take our customers, that is why we understand that there is room for further improvement. We strive to become as sustainable as possible as we grow.
We promise our esteemed customers that we will continue to be diligent and keep improving as we grow, taking care of our planet and people.